Sunday, June 01, 2008


I agreed to meet a man I met on the internet (first mistake)
We went for drinks where he proceeded to dunk bread in his red wine and eat it (like dunking oreo's in milk) He kept talking with his hands and was tossing bread crumbs all over the place
I finished my drink and made my excuses, and he walked me to the car where I thanked him for the drink and he goes in for a kiss - I turn to give him the cheek and he started sucking on my earring!!!
The worst part was the horrible email he sent me a few days later about how screwed up I must be to not be interested in such a great guy


Anonymous said...

OOHHH GOD!!! What a NUT CASE!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Placebo said...

That is horrible, but I just have to say you shouldn't look down so hard on meeting people off of the internet. You just have to go about it a different way.

Unknown said...

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