Sunday, January 28, 2007

Clark Gable

His newspaper ad that said " Handsome , generous man wishes to meet SWF? People say I look like Clark Gable"..

So I talk to the guy on the phone and he sounds very charming...I get a little suspicious when he asks you to meet him at his apartment...but I downplay that...
and so when I get there he is in an electric wheelchair with a companion dog and he is way overweight and is bald on top .No way does he look like Clark Gable!!

And I just now realize that I have a predjudice against dating overweight bald guys in wheelchairs. But I can't say that because that would be cruel...Meanwhile I am tongue-tied and at a loss for words...

So he says "Oh, I forgot to tell you on the phone that I am a quadriplegic"....And I am thinking..." I can see how that would be sooo easy to forget".... so I figure probably the generous part in the ad is not true either...and I was mostly right..

Howsoever I was stuck with him for awhile, because I was too nice to be mean....well he WAS FUNNY with a quirky sense of humor!!(which I later learned that most of that ebulient happiness and sense of humor was from drug use)...

....I lived thru it...He took me to the first rock concert (Doobie Brothers, right..) I ever went to (with his personal care aide) and on the way home, the aide's car broke down.. and we had to call a tow truck and the aide had to lift him (200lbs?) UP into the cab of the tow truck...I still don't know how he did it.

Anyway, eventually I broke up with him because he still liked to call other women on the phone and run his was like a hobby to him...he is dead now...I saw his aide a few years later and he told me his kidneys gave is stranger than life..

. anyway if spirits of the dead hang around to make amends to people close to them after they would sure be nice if he would whisper the numbers for the next winning superlotto in my is the least he could do to make amends, I think, don't you???