Friday, April 16, 2010

An Evening with Dr Jekyll

I just went on a date with a guy who was a total gentleman at first. We ordered dinner, had a few drinks and the conversation was great. Towards the end of the date he asked me if we were ready to leave. I said yes, the bill came, and I assumed that he would be the one paying for the dinner. He then asks me, "So you're coming back to my place to watch a movie, right?" I was confused and said, "..Well, no. I'm tired and I need to go home. Besides, I don't go home with guys on the first date." He then proceeded to insult me non-stop, saying that I had mental issues and baggage, he said that I was an idiot, stupid, slow, and claimed that I was upset because I turned down the best thing that I could have had. HA! My lack of sympathy for him made him even more upset. He made me pay half of the bill, which included his steak dinner and 2 shots of Patron. The entire night he harassed me with more insults through text, so I had to block his number. Wow. Just wow.