Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Return Of The Ex-man

I took a girl out to see Ray Charles in concert. She was a true hottie, and I was thrilled just to be with her. This was a first date for us and we were talking, getting to know each other better, and she mentioned she just got out of a relationship, where the guy dumped her for another girl, and she still had feelings for him. The concert began, and guess who walks up...the exboyfriend! There was one empty seat in the entire house as far as I could see, so he sits beside her, they start talking, and a couple of songs later his hand is on her knee, and a song after that their kissing, and after that song they leave together. Fortunately, this was Ray Charles in concert, and I sat there and watched the show. Hurt yes, but this was RAAAAYYYYY!! I ran into her a couple of weeks later and she didn't apoligize. A couple of years later I heard she was getting married...to yet another guy.