Sunday, March 12, 2006

Totally gross old man story

Thanks to our friend in Chicago for letting us use this horrifying story. But let me assure you, not all guys are dirty old men. There are also dirty young and dirty middle age men. :O)
Last year I was in an art store picking up paper when an old man approached me. I took him for a flamboyant gay man, and he was funny, and he chatted me up and it was fine. we kept in touch and I continued to take him for a flamboyant gay man. He's about 35 years older than me. Come on. Over twice my age. Finally recently we had lunch together. Afterwards he leaned in, I thought to kiss me on the cheek in classic old-man style, and he went in for my mouth and his was open and it was a totally mortifying, open-mouth, wet slobbering kiss. I almost puked. I told him off and he finally stopped calling.
WTF? Disgusting.