Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Ass Pilot

The actual date was pretty bad. he didnt want to go to a restaurant or movie, just to the bar. so I agreed to meet him there. somehow he managed to only say a few really ridiculously stupid things durring our date. my favorite was a story that started out as, " I once flew a plane by myself." and then, after several changes of his story, became, "I once touched the controls of a plane while it was on the ground." way to go guy! I paid for all of my own drinks and when I told him it was getting late and I was going to call a cab and go home, he came back with, "alright! we are going back to your place!" so I explained that i was going to go home alone, he pulled out his phone and called his buddy and said into the phone, "hey, ya, this isnt happening you wanna go to the other bar? okay, i'll meet you in 10 minuets." then he starts to walk away and as im left standing there with my eyes wide in disbelief, he yells from across the street, "are you sure you dont wanna take me home!? im a sure thing!!!" so needless to say, i went home, alone, only to be woke up at 4am to a picture message from was a picture of his bare ass. I assure you i did not do/say anything that would have lead him to believe I would appreciate that.