Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chat Line and Cheetos

I have one. I met a guy on the chat line a couple of years ago. He wouldn't send me any pictures because he said he didn't have a camera phone. I talked to him for about 2 weeks and then we agreed to meet. He picked me up from a friends house and we went out to Chilli's to eat. Ok I am a very nice looking young lady--I only wanted to see what the chat line was all about. This guy was about 350lbs and on a breathing machine. Ok I said "I'm going to deal with it because I am hungry and I want a steak." We got to the restaurant and he brought the oxygen machine in with him. I was so embarassed. He ordered so much food that there was not enough room for my meal. He had three different types of ribs and all kinds of entrees. People were looking at us laughing and probably talking about us as well. Anyway--the waitress made a lil space open for my meal.
Description--He told me he was 30 when he looked every bit of 45.
He had a big bald spot in his hair and he was just disgusting all the way around. I was so ready to go. Ok-we left and I noticed that he wasnt heading for the freeway---I asked"where are we going" and he said that he had to stop at home and feed the dog. Ok-we stopped at his house and wanted me to get out of the van! I didn't want to but I did and in the middle of a snow storm. He opened the door and the pit bull came running out towards me. I am terrified of dogs and fell off of the porch in a desparate attempt to get away from it. It paid me no attention but there I was laying in the snow-cold-and wet. Ok now I'm pissed. I go in the house and his mom came out drunk as a skunk. In a way I was glad his mom was home (figured he couldn't do anything stupid with his mom in the house) but she was so drunk that she didn't know if she was coming or going! I also thought it was weird that this grown azz man was still living at home with mama!! Anyways---the house was a complete mess. There were flaming hot cheetos in the carpet, m&m's, life savers and twinkie wrappers----he blamed it on his kids----right??? Anyways----to make a looooonnnnggggggg story short!! He refused to take me back to my friends house so I could get my car until the morning. He fell asleep and I plotted to steal his van and drive myself back. I was sitting in his room (and to all of you sick people---no we did not do anything in there---no touching, no talking, no nothing) I opened the room door and there was the pit bull growling at me---I was stuck in the room afraid of what the dog would do to me if I attempted to go into the hall way!! I sat in a chair all night while his fat azz slept like a fat azz baby--------he took me back to my car in the morning after asking me to pump his gas for him in the morning. That was the last time I called the chat line.