Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Crying Game

My first (and only) blind date could only be called a DISASTER. I had broken up with a man after fourteen months together, and was thoroughly miserable. My friend convinced me to have a drink with another man she knew, who had split with his woman a few weeks earlier.
Well, we were small talking, and it so happened he had lived in my BF's home town - incredibly, over 1,300 miles away. A coincidence. He was a corrections officer - incredibly enough, the warden of my BF's cell block when he was a young trouble maker years earlier. Another striking coincidence. ( He remembered my BF well, too. ) Tipping the scale, he showed me a tattoo he'd gotten recently - you guessed it, unbelievable coincidence number three!
Well, it all reminded me of BF, and as nice as this man was, I'd had enough. I open my mouth to tell him so, and before I say a word, he bursts into tears! Tears! He apologised, said he couldn't see another woman so soon after his split. He loved his GF, and never wanted to be apart. Naturally, I'm already fairly upset myself at this point, and couldn't help it - I started to cry as well.
Yep, worst date ever.