Saturday, January 14, 2006

"Why Do Birds, Suddenly Appear...La,La,La"

Remember that old Carpenters song they play at weddings? It starts "Why do
birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near..." Well I can't listen to that
song without being reminded of a morning stroll I took with a lovely young
Eastern European lass a few years back. I had gotten up early to work out, and (for once) I was really confident. I felt buff, cool, in charge. She smiled, a dark-eyed beauty...we'd only just met but, who knows, could this be love? I took her hand in mine and we started to stroll toward the park when...a pigeon took a MASSIVE POOP ON MY HEAD! As I felt the trickle working its way down my forehead I knew the spell had been broken. I would never fully recover my "coolness" and the relationship went straight downhill after that...and now, writing this, I've got that horrible song stuck in my head again..."Why Do birds, suddenly appear everytime you are near..."