Sunday, May 21, 2006

One Nut, No Starch Please...

I once went out with a guy who is allergic to cornstarch and when we went out he had the waitress tell him what was in the food she had to go the the chef and ask them not to cook or put any cornstarch in any food, he asked me not to order anything with cornstarch in it to( because he thought we we're gonna sleep together) he was wierd with it because all through the date he kept telling me about him being allrgic to cornstarch and he's brother was too, after a few minutes of this I left in the middle of the date when I order dessert and he said loud " OH PLEASE IF IT HAS CORNSTARCH IN IT I COULD DIE"

I walked right out, everyone, I promise ,was clapping ( because he was such a nut). He called me the next day and ask if he could take me out again I said no because until this day I wonder if he meant take me out as in on another date or take me out ( by shooting me because I walked out)

I said no way and told him to lose my number