Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Hot Ticket

I once went on a blind date (friend set me up) with a man that ended up being old enough to be my father. i was horrified, but he was nice and I didn't want to be rude so we went to dinner and had a couple of drinks.
When we parted ways for the night he tried to get me to go back to his place and this is the line that he used (and yes, he was serious). "Baby, I think you are a real hot ticket. I have been thinking about making love with you all night long. I think you and I could be great together but you need to know that I have herpes. I don't like condoms but I like oral sex... I like to give it and I like to get it... but I won't use condoms".
At that point in the night I just laughed my *** off and got on the bus to go home.
I am not friends with the person that set me up on that date anymore btw.