Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Jerk

Went on a first date with this very nice looking man that I had met a few times through my job. He chose the restaurant, OK.. No problem..
We were looking at the menus and the waiter approached; The waiter ask if we were ready to order. My date politely answered that he was ordering for both of us. I listened as nicely as I could manage to him ordering seafood, which I am allergic to. Trying to maintain my manners, I spoke up and said to the waiter; "No, I will be having ....", I was rudely interrupted by my date, who again, said we would be having the seafood and that HE knew better than I what I would like.
Manners out the window at that point, I said "NO, you can have what you want, but *I* am having something else.
AGAIN, he told the waiter we were having the seafood. He said even though I was allergic to seafood, I would LOVE this dish, and women did not know what they liked anyway. ( The poor waiter was so embarrassed)..
I let the order stand.. Excused myself to the restroom, and walked out the front door and caught a taxi.. I caught up with friends, had a lovely evening and came home to about a dozen messages on my phone from Mr. Jerk, who was "worried" about me.
The JERK then had the nerve to call me over and over asking for another date!!!
*Right*.. When hell froze over..