Monday, April 24, 2006

Who Stole The Car I Stole?

When I was 16 I had a girlfriend who lived a few miles away, but I didn't have a car. So every
now and then I would wait for my mom to go to bed and then I'd take her car and then go to
my girlfriends house and then I would make sure that I was home well before my mom got up.
One night my girlfriend suggested that we go out with her new-found friend and the girls' new
boyfriend and double up. So at the appropriate time I took my mom's car, went to my girlfriends house, and the four of us went up to a lookout point on top of a mountain a few miles from town (Phoenix) after about 15 minutes my girlfriends' friend asked if I'd give her the keys to my mom's car so that she could get warm. I agreed and went back to making out with my girlfriend several yards away. Suddenly I heard the car start and thought "Well she's just running the heater to get warm". Nope! From where I was sitting I could see her backing out and leaving the lookout point parking lot with her boyfriend. Well imagine what was racing through my mind when just then my girlfriend told me that the girl was a runaway from Oklahoma City, OK and was talking about returning to Oklahoma. All I could imagine as we raced down the mountain on foot was "how I was going to have to buy my mom a new Oldsmobile on what I was making as a bag boy at the local supermarket". I was scared ****-less.
After about 45 minutes they finally came back and picked up my girlfriend and I on the road
and I was innocently told by the girl that " Well, I got hungry and we just took a drive until we f
ound a Taco Bell". I took them all home immediately, and I vowed to myself never to take my
mom's car again. My girlfriend and I ended up laughing it off the next day, but we never hung out with the other couple after that.