Monday, October 16, 2006

Einstein at The Tractor Store

I went to Tractor Supply store with this guy who was a "cowboy". I guess this was his idea of a date. Well he got a headache and stopped in the gas station to get some medicine. He comes out with a thing of Tylenol PM. It was noon.
I said I hope you plan on taking a nap because that's going to make you sleepy. He started laughing at me and was like Honey this is Tylenol PM ... Its Noon that's 12PM you take regular tylenol at Midnight because that's 12 AM, regular tylenol is the kind that makes you sleepy.
Turned off by his sheer stupidity, but still turned on by the wrangler jeans, I went back to his house to watch a movie and about 15 minutes into it he was dead asleep. I snuck out the door and haven't seen Mr. Tylenol PM since