Sunday, April 30, 2006

Was My Face Red!

An old high school sweet heart called me because she had moved to the same area I had moved to. We set up a date for the upcoming Friday. I was a welder at the time and that friday at work I was putting together alot of small items, which required me to hold the parts in place and tack welds them. Well, this exposes your face to alot of weld light, and I usually put on a strong uv sun tan lotion to get a good sun tan from it. But, I forgot and ended up getting a terrible sun burn, but didnt notice it untill I was about two miles from her apartment later that nite. I looked in the mirror and saw my face was beet red, I wrinkeled my nose and it hurt so I knew I had gotten flash burnt pretty good. (Its called flash burn in weld shops). My eyes were starting to get very red also and to burn and tear as I got out of my car and headed for her door. I could'nt beleive my luck! She opened the door, and she was even more beutifull than when we dated in high school. She looked at me kinda weird and said cmon in. She had a roommate who looked about 5 years older, and who said skeptically, hi you all right? This flash burn was getting worse by the minute and I felt my eyes wetting and tearing more as I kept wiping them. I told them what happened, but I must have looked like a crazed crack addict desperate for love who had fallen asleep under a sun lamp. Her room mate kept whispering to her in the kitchen and came out and told me I had better leave! Her roommate! Now I am not a bad looking guy and dated some very desirerable women, had a new car and even though my date was good looking she was no where out of my level mentally or physically. Not to have a bit of mercy and humility towards a guy who had a bad day, but still made it to the date on time even though it was obvious the date was going to be a wash was just to cold blooded for me, and letting her roomate "mother theresa" lay it on me to boot was humiliating. I looked at her and said "Thanks" and walked out.Thats it.