Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yasser, Thats My Baby, No Sir, Not Just Maybe...

A while back I met this girl online who I thought seemed quite appealing...although she hadn't sent a picture, she described heself as Middle Eastern, a region that has produced, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful women in the world. Of course my imagination was working overtime. After every e-mail I would imagine myself reclining on silk cushions while this exotic, dark-eyed temptress danced around me, peeling off veils to reveal...well, lets just say I was more than ready to draw my scimitar and anxious to meet her in person.
Weeks went by and we were unable to get our schedules to match, however we did grow closer
through IMs and e-mail. I learned she wasn't very tall (I love short women), curvy ( ok, I know that means chubby but sometimes I like that) and a face that she said was "very Arabic". Hey, I saw "The Voyages of Sinbad" and "Alladin" I know Arabic means Hot, Hot, Hot! Yippee...Finally, the day arrived when we could meet, due to parking problems, I was a few minutes late and when I walked in the door I saw her for the first time. Long shiny, dark hair trailed down her back, not very tall, curvy not fat, I smiled and as I called her name she turned to reveal her face...very Arabic indeed. She had the features that I'd seen on a thousand nightly
newscast. For some awful reason, cruel, cruel fate had given this poor girl the face of YASSER ARAFAT! We talked, she was nice, I was nice but ...I'm sorry I know looks aren't supposed to matter but, well lets just say I had no desire to occupy that territory and we parted ways.