Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OCD ...Obsessive Compulsive Dickhead

It was a blind date. Of course, I know not all those end badly but this one really was bad.

The guy was a major obsessive compulsive disorder poster child. He told me he had a hard time dating because no one was good enough for him. I laughed and he looked at me seriously and said "Im serious, no one is good enough" Okay, no pressure there....

When I started to get into his pick up for our date, he put a towel down on the seat... but I didnt think too much of it because he was sitting on a towel too and it was a very nice truck. But when I said something about it, he said something like "My friends think Im crazy, but look. Your arm is touching the arm rest and I dont know where your arm has been and I haven't said anything about it"... Needless to say I jerked my arm off the arm rest. Oh boy, we were just getting started.

We went to a restaurant.... what a mistake. The guy sent his glass of water back 3 times and his silverware twice. I felt so sorry for the waiter. But I was feeling awfully sorry for myself because I hadnt thought of a way out of this date or a painful way to kill my friend who had set us up.

I did go home early, made up a headache and never saw him again. He did call me after, but I told him it wasn't going to work out. With me being such a slob and all....