Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another Barf Story

Editors Note: After reading literally hundreds of bad date stories I've noticed that in quite a few of them, the date turns bad after someone starts do try to avoid it...and now the latest entry:
Definitely a bus tour, if you don't know what a bus tour is it is where a number of people book out a bus for the night, pay a flat rate then it entitles you to free beer,wine and soft drink. also surprise destinations to a number of night clubs. Being younger and stupid hadn't eaten had a few drinks (too Many) and with every destination we arrived was chucking up in the gutter, out the bus window and in the toilets of the night clubs. By the end of the night my dress had split, my underwear and my underwear was on show whilst my partner was trying to hold me up walking down a very popular mall. Have never done it again. not recommended.