Saturday, September 02, 2006


I had a friend that was engaged to an amazing good looking young man who had come from Italy and lived in this country (US) for like 10 years. Part of his family had stayed in Italy. My friend said her fiancee's brother was coming to the US and asked if we could double date.
I figured, what did I have to lose? The fiancee was hot and the brother was right from Italy--how romantic!
Well the fiancee had gotten all the looks and his brother spoke NO english and I spoke NO Italian. Plus the brother kept this very learing look going all night while he hung all over me, pawing at me and saying "kabeesh" (I'm not sure it's the right spelling but it means understand?) We went bowling and he even kept coming up behind me and putting his hand on my rear, rubbing it and saying one point he startled me so much I dropped the bowling ball on my foot!
So I got a broken toe and had to go to the hospital. Guess who kept grabbing my foot and trying to kiss my toe? God what a HORRIBLE night.......