Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Meddling Mother

So I had been dating this really nice girl for quite sometime and I was madly in love with her. I had neglected to tell my parents about it because they would have freaked out and I didn't want to lose her. So one night my mom found out.
Freaked out. And set me up on a blind date... With what she referred to
as "a very nice, polite, and respectful young man" I went to our
designated meeting spot and we met up. He was a nice guy... But didn't
seem quite right... So ever few minutes his phone would vibrate and he
would look at it and then ask me a question *vibrate* so tell me about
your ex boyfriend *vibrate* ever been in love?
*vibrate* what do you do for fun...
After a while I caught on. So the next time it vibrated it I reached
over the table and grabbed the phone... My mother was sending him text
messages telling him what to ask me... But not only that... But I gave
the phone back and excused myself to the bathroom. I went walking
towards the restroom and I hear a very familiar voice. My mother is
sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant watching us!!! I was
upset... But got over it. There was never a second date... But he is
now engaged to a very nice, polite and mature BOY!