Friday, August 11, 2006

Hungry For Love... or Just Hungry # 2

My worst date; about a year ago... I was talking to this guy online and we agreed to meet the next morning at 7:30am for breakfast (I had to drop my son off at school and be to work by 9:00). morning comes and he calls me at 6:00; i was not even up yet--had :32 minutes before the alarm clock went off. He said he was in town and could I meet him now...obviously the answer was NO. I told him I had to get my son up and to school and could not drop him off any earlier then 7:15...he said ok; he would wait for me...ok...getting dressed he calls again and asks me if i was on my way yet (6:45) I said NO...he said ok......finish getting dressed at 7:00 he calls again and says he is getting hungry and wants to know how much longer... I say :30... he says ok..he will wait.....well 7:15 comes and he calls and says he just got finnished eating and he wants to know if Im on my way.. I said I was on my way and I asked him why he ate. He said he was hungry...I said well never mind then cus it was a breakfast date and who wants to eat infront of a date when they are not eating too.. he says NO comeone and we will meet and i will buy you stupid me, I went...met at the IHOP.. he was sitting there in jeans and a ripped T-Shirt and had 5 plates in front of him and just stuck the last piece of pancake in his mouth. I said...NICE OF YOU TO WAIT for me...he said he hadnt eaten in 2 hours and he was starving....(2 hours?)....well anyway... I ordered the fastest thing to eat on the menu and that was that....never saw nor talked to him again... He did try to email and messenge me a few million times (stalker?) but I just ignored him and he finally went away... and that is my story!