Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mothers Day

ok, the very worst date of my life. the guy comes to pick me up for a first date on mother's day. he says he is taking me out to dinner. his friends are driving the van he picks me up in and he sits up front and i am in the back. he shows me a picture of elvis that he bought for his mom and the surprise is that we are going to her house to eat. him, me and 3 of his friends. she lives in a tiny basement apartment, and two of her other sons live there with her and her cat. she looks and sounds like the lady that used to say "where's the beef"? on the tv commercial. i am allergic to cats. the place is full of cat hair. his brother starts a gigantic fight, the other guys are in the one bedroom, watching some kind of sports. I want to leave. i am offered a pickle for dinner. mother ate the sandwich. and the friends wont take me home until game on tv is over. i have an asthma attack. have to sit outside, i have to call a cab and ended up paying for my own cab ride home. the guy actually wanted to kiss me goodbye. I showed him my *** to kiss. lol true story.