Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Diplomat

Met a guy in a club. He was nice-looking, seemed smart. We talked for a long time and
he seemed pretty cool. I ended up giving him my number and a few days later we
decided to meet for coffee. He couldn't find the Starbucks so we ended up having
dinner instead.
Here's where the fun started - there were some guys seated near us who were being
loud. Really loud. They were drunk. We complained to our waitress, who was also their
waitress. She told them to try and quiet down. One of them threw up in the floor after
that - she approached them again (this was at On The Border - a decent place). They
got a little belligerent, but not too bad considering they were drunk. My date got
mad - started talking smack to them. I was embarassed. They didn't get quiet. Date
tells waitress that he knows the people who own the restaurant chain, asks her manager's name and threatens her job.
In the meantime, the guys get louder.
Date tells the waitress that he is from a foreign country (Brazil, I think) and that he has
diplomatic immunity so if the guys aren't gone when we get ready to leave, he will
take the gun out of his glove box and shoot them and nothing will happen to him.
I'm freaking out by this time - what if I piss him off and he shoots ME?!?
He walks to the front of the restaurant, presumably to go to his car...
I slide out a side door and haul *** out of that restaurant and straight to my car and I
go home - FAST!!! He never called me again.

Couldn't Steal Her Heart, Settled For Her Car...

I was set up on this blind date by my roommate...we met the guys at restaurant for dinner...we had a great time...and then went over to the club for some dancing..(they carried the tab from the restaurant to the bar...real nice place...lots of high profile people)
after a few drinks, my date had to go to the roomies date went to talk to a "friend" across the bar....after 30 minutes they had not returned...
they left the bar....with a 300.00 tab....and stole my roommates car