Saturday, March 25, 2006

Deadbeat Dads Dating Downfall

Many thanks to Kathryn for letting me use this story from the blog section of her website .You can read the original version there. I however am choosing to change the name of our subject, only because if I ever do anything stupid enough to rate publicity, I hope someone will do the same for me! Now on to the story:
Our hero, lets call him Wayne, had been contacted by a young lady in response to a personals web ad he'd posted. Excited at the prospect of meeting a new lady love, Wayne was racing (in his 16 year old Cadillac) to the appointed meeting place when, unfortunately, he was involved in a major collision and ended up in the hospital! What could be worse than that you may wonder? An evening that ends in collision and injury before he even meets his date? Well, read on...
Wayne was undaunted. Upon his release from hospital, our hero again contacted his soon to be sweetie and explained his terrible luck. An understanding soul, she accepted his explanation and agreed to meet him at a new location. Everything looked like it would work out fine...except for two small problems. One, his "lady" was a female cop who had recognized his web picture as one of the leading deadbeat Dads in the area, with a warrant out for his arrest (the reason she'd set up the date) and Two, he tried to elude arrest by driving off with a license that had been suspended after the original accident.
Poor Wayne, some romances just aren't meant to be!