Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

So my story starts off like anything innocent enough. I just entered college and ended a long-term relationship with my high school sweetheart. I made the mistake, while being barely 20 years old, of joining a dating website. I met a gentleman, who admitted right away that he was older than me. Okay, I was used to dating "older" guys (like 4 or 5 years older), but I didn't think much of it. He told me originally he was 28. We hit it off pretty well, exchanging e-mails and I agreed to meet him. I didn't have a car at the time, so he offered to pick me up. He told me he would take me to dinner and we could pick up a movie at Blockbuster and retire to his place to hang out. BIG MISTAKE! First off, he rolls up in a pick-up truck with his BROTHER driving. When I get into the truck, I was smashed into the tiny "back seat" while he looked at me with a backwards glance trying to talk to me. Oh, and the truck stalled twice on the half hour drive because his brother had a DUI, in which he had to use a breathalyzer every so often or the car would turn off! Anyways, we end up pulling to his place ... his mom's place. With his brother. I walk in and there are CATS everywhere! Strays, actual house cats, feral cats, you name it, they were there. I have two cats myself but this was ridiculous. His mother was in the living room, smoking, telling me how nice of a butt I had in my jeans. He then proceeds to make us all spaghetti and I got to sit surrounded by cats and his family relentlessly complimenting me on every aspect of me. After we ate, we ended up watching the Matrix on USA and his brother drove us home. Oh, and did I mention that he admitted to actually being 32 years old, not 28?! A big no-no. Anyways, he asked to kiss me and I politely declined. He contacted me a few months later saying he got a car of his own, but still lived with his mom. I declined, but boy, when you are 32 and living with your mom, the last thing you do is have your DUI-convicted brother pick up someone you see as "wife-material." Wow!