Sunday, February 05, 2006

Got A Bad Date Story?

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Biker Boy

This wasn't my bad date, but I witnessed it last summer. I'm stopped at an intersection and to my right is a guy on one of those extremely fast, japanese motorcycles. He's got a smoke in his mouth, raybans, dark hair covered bya bandanna (red and white to match the bike) and a very attractive Spanish looking girl on the back. He had a cocky half-smile and, to tell you the truth he actually appeared to be posing, anyway you could tell he thought he was pretty cool. As the light turned yellow, he whispered something to the girl and gunned the engine. With her holding on tightly, this idiot pops a wheely and rides the bike on one wheel through this very crowded intersection, or should I say half way through, because after about five feet the bike flips completely over and skitters across the road, sending pedestrians jumping to get out of its way ,with driver and girl crashing to the pavement. This guy was up in a split second, with fear etched on his face he raced to the side of his fallen baby and frantically checking her for injuries.While he attended to his love some pedestrians helped the girl up, she appeared unharmed, not that the idiot biker boy would have noticed.
As I drove away the guy was gently lifting his bike off the ground and still hadn't even looked at the girl, who was standing on the sidewalk, arms crossed and glaring.