Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Milkman

I went out on a a few dates with this one guy a few years ago. he seemed nice at first but after getting to know him, he was really strange and was attaching himself to me way too quickly. He obsessively called me many times after I told him I didn't want to see him anymore. Three months had passed and I had not heard from him in about two. I was now dating someone else and forgot all about the weirdo guy. It was summer time now and I went on vacation with my family. when I got home from vacation there was a brown package on my doorstep. My sister wanted to open it but i thought i had better do it..who knows what could be inside.
It had no return address..only his initials "R.P"
I ripped the box open and inside was a milk carton. The crazy guy had taken a picture of me of my AOL profile and glued it to the side of the carton. Under the picture read, "Have you seen this woman..missing since..and the date". Not only that but a 5 pages typed letter "not double spaced"..about how i was such a a horrible person and if i wanted to redeem myself I would meet him at a certain place, at a certain time. needless to say, I never showed did creep me out a bit though lol