Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Date Ending In Handcuffs #2

It was a blind date. My friend got us together.
He showed up on time, looked nice and was courteous. He met my parents and they thought he was nice, too. We had reservations at a restaurant close to my house.
We headed out and we were pulled over near the entrance to the restaurant. The cops took his ID, registration and also took my ID.
After a while, the cops started to get out of the car to come back to us. All-of-a-sudden my date opened the door and bolted. I didn't know what the hell was going on. One cop chased after him and the other cop pulled me out and handcuffed my hands behind my back.
Being handcuffed isn't good. The police like to keep them tightened up on your wrists. The cop that cuffed me pulled me aggressively back towards the squad car asking me all this crap about my so-called "boyfriend". OBVIOUSLY he wasn't my boyfriend. I barely knew him!!
The cop put me in the car and seatbelted me. He started searching the car when the other cop came back with my date in handcuffs. My date was swearing, spitting and trying to attack the cops. What a jerk.
They get him under control and put him into another police car that responded to their calls for help. I'm trying to situate myself in the seat and it's impossible.
The cops had the car towed and they brought me to the station. They finally took the cuffs off me and searched me. They printed me and took my photo.
I was then brought into a room where another cop and a lawyer were present. I was being charged with larceny of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest. Resisting arrest??
I'm trying to tell them I have no idea what the hell is happening. After a few hours, my date confessed to stealing the car and said I had nothing to do with any of it.
I was released and charges were dropped against me. I was innocent. He's currently serving two years for auto theft. He had been arrested for stealing cars in the past.
Always know who you're going out with and the vehicle they're driving. Handcuffs are TIGHT and UNCOMFORTABLE! take this to heart, you don't want to find out on your own.
I'm currently pursuing a lawsuit. I was falsely arrested and mistreated.