Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Shoe Guy

There was hot guy who used to bring his mint condition 1970 Cutlass 442 through the car wash where I and a friend worked (VERY upscale, we worked the registers inside)and he asked me out. Man I was excited, he was hot, had a good job, about 5 years older. I wore this cute little black dress with black hose and black stilettos.
All night long he stared at my feet. Hah, I thought, the shoes always get 'em. We sat together at a restaurant, I crossed my legs, and he was sort of stroking and playing with my calf and ankle. Everything seemed to be going well. When we left, we headed to the lake and parked and were talking. Then he leaned over and said "Let me see one of those shoes". Well, ok, sure why not? I handed it to him.
He proceeded to put it on his groin and grind it against his very "at attention" tool, until it looked like he got what he was after. Then he handed me my shoe back, took me home, and drove off. From the moment he took my shoe until he dropped me off at home I was SPEECHLESS!! I'd never heard of a shoe fetish before so this was totally new to me. I didn't know whether to throw my shoes out or offer them a cigarette.
He asked me out a few more times but I always declined, and I'd hide under the counter when he'd bring his car in for a wash. I told everyone at work and he rapidly became known as the Shoe Ef'er.