Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Viva Margarita

There was the woman I met at a Mexican Restaurant at 1:00 PM on a Sunday that was already drunk. She proceeded to drink two more 40 oz. Marguiritas (sp?) through the afternoon. She tried to hug everyone's kids, wanted me to buy her flowers, and it became apparent that she had more than one personality. One minute she'd be talking about her birds, then a grin would suddenly light up her face as she said "Fuck You!". I wasn't even saying anything at the time so it wasn't in response to anything I said or did. At one point she went to the bathroom in the basement of the place. After a half an hour had passed I figured she had slipped out the door, but she suddenly reappeared with perspiration on her face telling me the bathroom was several floors down and she had to walk really far. When I went to the bathrioom it was only a flight of stairs down, but after being exposed to several different personalities, some very pleasant, others from the Exorcist, I just took it in stride. We didn't order our food until around 4:00 PM, but I was fascinated by these abrupt changes and I was tempted to ask her if her personalities had different names. We finally left around 7:30 and she was far too drunk to drive. She didn't believe me until she fell onto the road. I waved a cab down and gave her a $20 bill. The next morning I got an email from her asking me where she parked her car. I told her it was in front of the restaurant, but I think she blacked out before she even got to the place. It turned out she had charged the cab on her credit card and went to a bar to drink some more before she went home. She told me she was a really nice person and wanted to go out with me again, but I turned her down.

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Anonymous said...

Drag her to detox next time. have the cab let her off at a rehab center.