Saturday, September 30, 2006

Should Have Left The Light Off!

Years ago a prankster friend of mine hooked me up with a gorgeous female who had the sexiest and coolest walk in the world. The four of us partied the night away. We danced, we drank, and of course, we smoked. Later, we all agreed to continue the party at my friend's house. The atmosphere, the music, and everything was right, plus by that time I had a serious buzz on. Eventually, my date and I retired to the guest bedroom to call it a night and REST! I excused my self and went to the bathroom. When I returned to the guest bedroom, all the lights were out. Being the sneak that I am, I created some dumb reason to turn the lights back on. WOW! On the night stand was her wig, and without it she had the features of a young man. However, the real shocker was when on the floor beside her side of the bed was an artificial limb from the knee-down. Mind you, I'm not making fun of her, because not one of us is perfect. It's just that at that particular time in my life I wasn't prepared to deal with all of that, and I didn't have the charismatic knowledge to bow out gracefully. I refuse to continue on with part 2, but my friend the prankster got an ear full in part 3. THIS IS A TRUE HAPPENING!!

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