Thursday, August 17, 2006

Broken Heart and Busted Jaw

So I was w/this guy and we were both really good ice skaters. He used to play hockey and I had a shot at the Nationals for figure skating. Well we decided to go ice skating. Litterally 1 minute on the ice i turn around (trying to show off) and i fall flat on my face. (I hadn't fallen for 3 yrs so yeah it sucked) Well from the impact of the fall it split my chin WAY open and i needed 6 stitches. And when my chin hit the ice it snapped the right side of my jaw into two pieces. (my first broken bone) Well yeah i go to the hospital and he's all worried and when i went home the next day he brought me flowers blah blah, and 3 days later he broke up w/me. In my time of need. I missed like 6 weeks of school. It sucked soooo bad.

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