Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Wealthy Waiter

Editors Note: Sorry but I couldn't publish the guys full
profile's legally unwise.

I have one hell of a bad online date story... I met this
guy who turned out to be a freaking con man! He told
me he was this trust fund kid - had a expansive home
in philadelphia, an apt. in NY, a vacation home in
mexico, and a private plane for his business. Now let
me make it clear that he didn't tell me all this at
once. It was over the course of 3 weeks - so it didn't
strike me as totally off. I just thought he was
successful. It slowly started to unravel. He cancelled
every time we were supposed to get together. Once he
gave me a phone number that I paid to get the unlisted
number for - it was for a freaking pay phone! He is
big liar. I reported him to - they did
nothing. I would advise any woman living in the philly
area to avoid a guy on match with the profile name -
I think he will try to get your bank account
number/personal information. The kicker of this whole
story is that when i finally told him not to call me
again, I didn't hear from him for a week - then i
walked into a restaurant - and he was the waiter. This
is the kind of story you find on 20/20 or 60 minutes.
If you live in philadelphia - definitely look at his
photo and avoid him!

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