Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Bad Date

I met this woman on-line, Yeah I know of ALL places....I was a beginner.
We swapped pics and numbers we talk via web cam a few times...She was from Boston, I am from NYC

I am in retail consulting , she told me she was a "promo-model" which is like being a Corona girl at events and things of that nature car shows etc etc. She is also a single mom of one child boy about 6

So I tell her to come to the city for a weekend I would fly her down.
She flies down with kid in tow, YES I paid for both of them,,,,,no biggie

She is exactly who she seemed to be. EVERYTHING is working out fine, the kid likes me and so far we are getting along GREAT.

We go to a restaurant on our way to my place. We went to a very nice family style Italian restaurant on the upper east side of Manhattan, I live in Columbus Circle.

So we go to my place the kid is tired out, he falls asleep in a matter of minutes.
We are there talking and having a great time, when I decide to make my move.........BINGO she reciprocates and everything is fantastic!!!!!!!!
She tells me that she will NOT sleep with me on the 1st night, which is fine I respected that.
So she goes to the bathroom to change into something to sleep in....

WOWOWOWOWOW She comes out in the tiniest T-shirt every made....BTW did I mention she was a model?
She was displaying what I would say was 34dd's (REAL) on a 5'8" frame with a 23" waist....To be honest she was more of a porno/stripper-looking girl then a model type

So we fool around a bit but we did not have sex.....BOY AM WAITING FOR IT NOW.

I wake up she is in the kitchen, getting some juice,she changed her T-shirt I guess for the kids sake..
BOY am I living the life...........We order in breakfast......................

We go to Central Park, I'm right down the block, we do the zoo thing, pretzels thing, EVERYTHING is GREAT GREAT GREAT. He I am holding a kid's hand and swinging him with his mom in the park. Shit I'm thinking to myself I'm like a Daddy hahahahaha

We were suppose meet one of her friends who is in the same business, she lives not too far from me and we all spoke on the phone. We were going to meet up that night....EVERYTHING IS GREAT !!!!! WOOO HOOO FOR ME.
Anyway she tells me can we cancel the plan to met her friend she just wants to spend time with me
Who am I to say no, I'm thinking. We make plans with her friend for the next day Brunch kind of thing

We go to Blockbuster, grab two movies and a bunch of candy and snacks.
You know at this point I'm spoiling the kid to no end... So he is walking around with a shopping bag of goodies that would make any kid jealous even on Halloween..........

EVERYTHING is great again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The boy falls asleep, we go into the bedroom.
To cut it short, we had animal sex for about 3 hours.....EVERYTHING you could imagine we did...

All day was surreal, everything was great..................UNTIL

Her friend calls up and says she has to cancel on us she just got booked for a gig in the city being a video ho for some rapper..............

She got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous I could see her face change in front of my eyes.
she got so mean and intolerable. so I let her stew thinking she would get over it.
I went to play video games with her son in the living room while I let her cool off.

So being a super black belt master video gamer
I started a championship match with her son, letting each game to be won by only one point.....
so it is all tied up 3 games a piece and guess what???? The boy wins !!!! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO WE start jumping up and down he is SO happy to win!!!!!!
His mom comes in and starts yelling at him at the top of her lungs!!!!!! STOP MAKING ALLLLLLLLL THAT NOISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHAT IS WROOOOOOOOOOOOONG WITH YOU !!!!!!!

I tell her it's ok he won the game and we are just celebrating, and my neighbors won't complain.
she starts YELLING at me like I'm a child DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO SAY TO MY SON !!!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU AHHHHHHHHHHHHH she made MORE noise then me and the kid EVER did
So the boy says in a meek voice, "Mommy we are just having fun, please don't yell anymore please Mommy"

She slaps the kid in the face REAL hard !!!! I mean leave 4 fingers on his cheek hard, I thought his head was going to spin like on a cartoon. He did a 360 and landed next to my couch crying.......

She picks him up by one arm and flings him into my bedroom area. She barks at the kid, KNEES NOW.
the kid goes to his knees crying.
I try to get her to clam down a little and I tell her, "Listen it is ALL my fault I was the one who started the yelling with your son, he did not do anything wrong. So please blame me"
she starts flipping out WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME ABOUT MY SON?? she just starts ranting and raving and just becoming a mad woman!!!!!

She makes her kid kneel and put his arms straight up in the air. Try doing this on hardwood floors for more then 2 minutes, go head I'll wait...

The kid is crying she slaps him again, then she slaps him for getting her hand wet with his tears.
So I'm like, "I can't have this happening in my house, you MUST stop this now or leave"
She starts yelling at me like crazy I go and change her flight to the next one available and it wind up costing me like 400-500 bucks to change it. At this point well worth it.....

She goes to get dressed in the bathroom I grabbed the kid and hug him and tell him just to be very quiet and do not say anything or talk at all.

I call her a car to take her to the airport and I think the nightmare is over...............UNTIL

I get the C.I.A. the F.B.I and local Boston Police and the NYPD I get the client who I was working for at the time....They are a major fortune 500 company...calling me also

She called the FBI telling them I work for the CIA and I'm working against them all I'm really a spy/double agent or something to this affect...
This is what I could gather from this nightmare
She walks into the Boston PD precinct she tells the desk sergeant this crazy story. I'm pretty sure she was working her "assets" and flaunting 5" of cleavage and this clown wants to save her and listens to her crazy story. then he contacts the CIA and FBI and then they get involved

So 5 months later and after numerous background checks and being followed and bugged and whatever else our agencies do while they are watching someone. losing a major client (the lost gig cost me 73,500.00 in fees) and that referral (worth even more). I was finally out of that mess

Fast forward 2 years later..................................Guess who is posting on Craigslist looking for love once again........? THE SHE DEVIL!!!!!

Well that's my story......................I am now with someone I met in the city, and she is normal for now.......working on year two with her.....


Anonymous said...

A few tips, event models are nuts, single mother of 6 year olds, you have to ask yourself why did Daddy leave? Any woman who lets you pay for her flight, when you haven't even met has no self respect. There were warning signs she had issues you didn't pay attention to. Now granted even I wouldn't have been able to tell how big a psycho she was, but I would have seen the warning signs. You're obviously a smart, successful guy, let your big head make the decisions next time :)

Duncan said...

$73,000 is a lot to spend on a hooker.

Charlie said...

@Duncan, actually $73k is not that much- I'm sure you're familiar with the high salaries some of the top-tier Manhattan girls make.

The difference is that an escort isn't going to sic the FBI and CIA on you- if you're a great client, there's a trust factor that likely she'll uphold.

True tales from the city.

Anonymous said...

I hope you reported her to child protective services. You still can (and should). You saved yourself from her; now save that innocent kid.

BlackDove52 said...

I would have grabbed her kid and drove him straight to the police department to make a report, no way would that woman lay a hand on that child even if she did push him out her vagina.

Plus I would have put in a report for her abusing the system and putting a a false report because she can be arrested for that as well.

I feel for you man that woman was a psycho

Anonymous said...

Any woman that would fly her kid to see a man she met on should have seen all this coming. Poor child.