Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good in Heels

It wasn't really all that bad but I was talking to a girl on the internet and we were making plans to meet up. The day we are supposed to meet we email a couple of times and in the last email she aksed how tall I was. I responded with the honest answer of 5'10". She responded with much relief and said that she should have asked earlier because she doesn't like to date guys who are shorter than her. I asked how tall she was and she said 5' 10" as well. I thought, ok, maybe a little superficial but I guess I wouldn't want to date a girl who weighed more than me so lets just call it a wash.

Anyway, I get to the bar and see her sitting on a stool and go introduce myself. She proceeds to stand up and shake my hand and is at least 2 inches taller than me as she is looking down into my eyes. I then notice that she is wearing these super high heels. I let it go for a while but the Seinfeld in me had to make an issue of it. I asked her why, if she likes to date guys taller than her, would she decide to put on 3 inch heels when she knew exactly how tall I was which was exactly her same height. She just told me that she looks good in heels.

What does "look good in heels" mean?? I'm a guy, the only thing I am paying attention to when it comes to what you are wearing is how your ass looks in your jeans. Guys don't care about shit like high heels or painted nails. I can guarantee that she didn't look any hotter in those heels than she would have in a pair of Chuck Taylors and she wouldn't have been towering over me all night.

Anyway, I just couldn't go out with her again. Oh, and not only that, she was also cross eyed.


Anonymous said...

Umm, dude... pay attention. Women wear high heals because it makes their asses look great, and their thighs, and their calves, and improves their posture to make them look sexier and more confident. She wore the high heals to impress you, and you blew it

Anonymous said...

women in heels are hot. think you got a problem. a woman that dresses nice and clean and does her nails and puts on heels have class n care about them self. and you added she was crosseyed? maybe a second date never happened cause she didn't want your dirty butt, sure would like to hear from the woman and her, ladies men love heels ...wink

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to concur with the others before me....heels specifically DO make a woman's ass look fantastic. And that's the only thing you cited as noticing. So....yes. Guys do care. She was smart enough to know it....guess you weren't.

Unknown said...

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