Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dull Date

I was 19, fresh out of Army boot camp and working at a publix as stock I get a date with this asian chick. Totally hot, in college and about 20. I wanted to go to a go-kart park but when the night came she said I'll have to come over to her place? I went and apparently her parents wouldn't let her go out. I go with the flow and we talk, then her parents, strict Christians, start to INTERVIEW me.

Asking what I do, what's my education, what I'm interested in and where do I see myself in 10 years, etc etc. I go with it in stride and strum up a good conversation with her Dad.

FINALLY the parents say "oh we are going out for icecream and we'll leave you two alone".?? Good God, so I strike up a conversation that dies quickly so I suggest playing chess (at my wits end, she was a dead fish) and she said she doesn't know how to play.

I ask her what she does like... baseball. Ugh I hate baseball. She said she'd like to go in the next room and watch the game with her brothers, etc. So I finally just split. I didn't even say I'd call, just bye, thanks for nothing.
Complete waste of my time!

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Anonymous said...

you felt she owed you sex or something?