Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mr Persistant

I met this guy on the beach and it turned out he lived in my neighborhood. So we exchanged numbers and a few days later, I invited him to join me and my friend for drinks at the local bar. All was well, except that I had to take a call from a very sick (cancer) friend of mine. My gf said he would not stop asking who I was talking to, what I was saying, etc. But we all had a good time and I liked him.

Over the next couple weeks, I was running back and forth to the beach every chance I had...I have a little girl, so whenever she was at dad's, I was at the beach. During this time, Mr. Man was texting/calling me furiously several times a day every chance HE got. It got to be REALLY annoying. I mean to the point where I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out with him at all. I had explained to him the multitude of things I had on my plate (the upcoming new school year, ongoing custody issues and court, physical therapy for an injury, etc.), but it didn't faze him at all.

SO. We had planned on going out to dinner the last night that I had free before my daughter came back from her vacation with dad, and then she and I were going on vacation for two weeks. He called me (I was at the beach) and talked my ear off. The kicker was when he said he missed me. Um, I've known you for two weeks, seen you once, and you MISS ME?! Whatever. I really didn't want to go out to dinner, I wanted to stay where I was, but I felt like I had made a promise to him, and I don't break promises. We didn't have a set time for the date, but I told him I'd call when I got home.

I drove home, and took a long, hot shower. I guess three weeks of driving back and forth to the beach (an hour away) and taking care of my child really hit me, as I ended up passing out on my bed, naked. I could vaguely hear my phone ringing downstairs, but I was too exhausted to get up.

I was awoken to a furious pounding on my front door. I mean, FURIOUS. I thought, OMG, my house must be on fire! I jumped up, threw some clothes on, my still-damp and now sweaty waist-length hair a tangled mess, and ran downstairs. There at my door was Mr. Man, all decked out with a bottle of wine and a gift for me, all ready for dinner. He says, "Oh, thank God, my heart is pounding! I thought you were laying in there murdered!" Oh my God. I got out of the date but he continued to call me and text...and stop by my house...even though I didn't respond or answer the door when it was obvious I was home. I finally sent him a SCATHING email (my guy friends said they would cry if a girl sent them that) but that STILL didn't stop him...until one of my biggest, scariest guy friends paid him a visit...

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