Saturday, February 24, 2007

What's Your Story?

Do you have a true, bad date story? Can we have it please? Then your story can join the ranks of such literary pearls as:
"Thankyou For Coming", "The Stain in Spain" , "If the Spew Fits" , "The Speed Date" , or my choice for most embarrassing date, "Stuck On You" . and of course the "Worst Date Ever",! C'mon, you know you want to, so just do it! ( bet you've heard that on a date before) Just send it as an e-mail at or leave it in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

I was 19, fresh out of Army boot camp and working at a publix as stock I get a date with this asian chick. Totally hot, in college and about 20. I wanted to go to a go-kart park but when the night came she said I'll have to come over to her place? I went and apparently her parents wouldn't let her go out. I go with the flow and we talk, then her parents, strict Christians, start to INTERVIEW me.

Asking what I do, what's my education, what I'm interested in and where do I see myself in 10 years, etc etc. I go with it in stride and strum up a good conversation with her Dad.

FINALLY the parents say "oh we are going out for icecream and we'll leave you two alone".?? Good God, so I strike up a conversation that dies quickly so I suggest playing chess (at my wits end, she was a dead fish) and she said she doesn't know how to play.

I ask her what she does like... baseball. Ugh I hate baseball. She said she'd like to go in the next room and watch the game with her brothers, etc. So I finally just split. I didn't even say I'd call, just bye, thanks for nothing.
Complete waste of my time!

Anonymous said...

This was the first date I had ever had. I was sixteen years old, and had met this guy at a play at our local playhouse. He had gone to my rival high school.

I called my friend who went to the rival high school, and apparently I had noticed him at a football game earlier in the year and pointed him out to her.

Anyways, I went out on a double date with him, his friend, and a friend of mine that knew his friend. After watching the movie Crimson Tide (where he did not hold my hand but asked to place his arm on we went to an Italian restaurant. He drove me while my friend rode with his friend.

On our way there he shows me a white teddy bear that is in the backseat. He tells me how it belonged to his ex-girlfriend, who died in a car accident two weeks ago. And, he was at her funeral the last week. I didn't know whether to believe him, but after the date, and upon further research, I found out it was true.

I guess you can always say I've always picked the winners. (sarcasm intended)