Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stormy Weather

My worst date I ever happened when I was 14. This guy I really liked asked me out one day, and we decided to go to the movies. We both live within walking distance of eachother and the theatre, so he just walked to my house to pick me up, and then we went together. It started out with everything being perfect. My clothes were perfect, my hair was perfect, my make-up was perfect. He arrived on time and we were only 5 steps down the street when out of nowhere, a pounding rain flew from the sky- totally unexpected! We ran through the rain to the theatre and discovered that it was closed- we had scheduled out date on Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We walked around town, soaking wet, looking for a restaurant, but they had all closed early. Finally we found a McDonalds, and I was so starving, but couldn't eat anything there because I'm a vegetarian, and also a total health freak- wayy against McDonalds. My date had a burger, and then we didn't know what to do, so he just walked me home. When I looked in the mirror at home, I discovered that my mascara had been running down the face the entire night- thats why everyone was staring at me in the restaurant! I felt like crying! It had truly been the worst date ever!


Anonymous said...

Trixie, that's the type of thing that happens when we're 14 and it doesn't sound like you're a whole lot older right now. When was this -- last year?

If this is the worst possible ever date in your life so far, chalk it up to experience and keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Other than the vegetarian part, it sounds like a pretty fun date to me. Not sure why you didn't have a hot fudge sundae and a good laugh at the unfortunate circumstances.