Monday, September 04, 2006

Caught In The Headlights

Editors Note: I bet it was him!
Before I start, I want to make clear that this story isn't about me!
Back in my high school days I had a couple of buddys that were out cruising one night. Where I live is the county seat so alot of people from smaller towns came here on weekends. Back to story. My buddys picked up some girls from another town. They eventually went parking on a old dirt country road. My buddy in the backseat had to go to the bathroom #2 ! He told them he had to take a pee so he got out. Well a storm was trying to blow in that night. It was real dark because of the cloud cover, the wind was blowing, then it happend !! The lighting flashed, it of course lit everything up, well there was my buddy about 30 feet in front of the car looking right at them, TAKING A DUMP!!The other buddy that was there, said they were all in pain from laughing so hard.

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LOL that's awesome