Monday, August 14, 2006

Ken and the Anti-Barbie

I dated a Ken doll. He was perfectly dressed, manicured and had enough hair spray on his hair to keep it in place during a high wind. He was attracted to me because I was "natural" and "down to earth". First date was okay. By the second date, he's telling me what I should wear, recommending to me how I should do my hair (I'm sorry..long straight and parted in the middle is a problem?)...telling me I needed to wear makeup *ech*) on and so forth.
At the end of the date, I told him nicely that we really weren't suited, and explained why...he informed me that I just wasn't open to suggestions from someone who cared about me. He kept insisting...and I finally told him that if I went out with him again, I was just going to make him really angry. He told me I couldn't make him I messed up his hair...he got really angry ...and he never called me again.

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