Saturday, February 25, 2006

Surviving The Survivalist

A few years ago I went on a blind date.We met at a local restaurant for lunch.
We exchanged the obligatory information like what we do for a living, previous marriages, children, etc...
Unfortunately, we then began discussing politics. My date informed me that he had purchased a rural piece of land, bought several pigs and cows, lots of gold bullion, and had a completely stocked 'compound' that he could live from without worry for several years. This was, he said, because he felt that the end of the world was coming. OK...either than or the 'Russians aere coming'.Whatever.
I got up and left after he said, "You are just the kind of pretty girl I'm lookin' to have with me at the compound when the end of the world comes. I think you would be a lot better than those fat bitches I've been going out with."
See ya loser!

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Anonymous said...

uh oh, i just set up the same "compound" for similar reasons. (economical collapse, not end of the world). i would have not mentioned the "fat bitches" thing, but perhaps i should refer to the "compound" as my "vacation house" on future dates?