Thursday, January 05, 2006

The (I wish I was) Blind Date...

I've received a number of stories that are essentially the same...boy meets girl (or vice versa) on-line, pics are exchanged. They laugh together, cry together play games together and when they finally meet WTF!! Here's one that happened to yours truly: Same as above, meet online, everythings dandy, pics are exchanged, I walk into the cafe' at the appointed time and...she's not there! Twenty minutes, thirty minutes...still nada. So, feeling dejected, I start the slow walk home...then it dawns on me: It was time-change day! Maybe she forgot to reset her watch in which case she'd be arriving at just about that very moment! So, I rush back to the place, swing open the door and , hooray there she is! She turns, our eyes meet, her mouth broadens into a wide grin and... NO TEETH! no kidding, at least none visible...and needless to say, it was too late to run, so we did sit and have a nice long chat.To be honest I was happy that she had time for all those twelve step programs, pleased that her various chronic illnesses were responding well to medication and darn glad too that we wouldn't have to worry about that pimp for at least 8-12 years. But sadly, we would not be able to see each other again because of (insert hastily made up reason here)..."sigh"

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