Friday, January 27, 2006


Well, I don't know if this counts because I never actually made it on the date, but anyway here's my story:
My work took me to visit this girls office about three or four times a week. Over the course of a few months we had gotten to know each other, joked around a bit and I felt a mutal attraction so I thought I would call and ask her out. No big deal, I've been out with many, many women. Have no problem talking with friends and strangers self esteem, high, (at least up to that point) the worst that could happen is she'd say no right? Wrong! Read on...I picked up the phone, called her office, was connected to her extension and got voice mail. As soon as her sweet voice said "Leave a message after the beep" For the first time in my 28 years I felt an actual full blown PANIC ATTACK! My hands started shaking, throat closed up, but still I had to press on,after all this was voicemail! So, in gasping , panting whispers I managed to grunt out the words and ask her out along with leaving my number for the call back. Day one, no call. Day two, no call. Day three, I'm back at her office. She's not at her desk (although possibly hiding under it) and her formerly friendly coworkers are being very cool indeed. Months went by and I didn't see her except for once when our eyes met across a distant hall and she actually turned and RAN! I was confused, but not too concerned and just continued to do my job. So fast forward a few more months and I'm explaining to my buddy what happened, her strange behaviour, along with the call and the panic attack...he started laughing and then, with a little too much glee, solved the puzzle for me..."They thought you were WHACKING OFF!" he said!
My face went pale, then it all made sense. The next day I shuffled some accounts with
another rep and never went back there again. It is my final hope that either that girl or one of her coworkers will read this and pass on my final message to her: I WASN'T! REALLY...I WASN'T, NO, I REALLY WASN'T ,IT WAS A PANIC ATTACK...HONEST!!

Editors Note: I bet he was...:O)

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