Thursday, January 12, 2006

He Wore His Heart On His Sleeve ( and Her Lunch On His Shoes)

I had a date with a woman I met through an online personals site. She
was everything she seemed to be in her ad. Pretty and smart. We seemed to be hitting it off really well.
Over dinner we made plans to stop at a nearby sports bar and have a
couple of drinks.Unknown to me at the time, the bartender at the sports bar was an old friend of hers and free-poured the daylights out of her drinks. I'm drinking beer, so no problems. I thought everything was going great, that is until my date abruptly stood up and puked on my shoes.
I drove her home, gave her roommate a lift to pick up her car and
called it a night. We did go out again a couple of times after that, but she never could fully overcome her embarassment about our first date.

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