Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scent of a Woman

Editors Note:I kinda wish the girl in this story could meet the guy in this story...(ah, love, sigh).
Believe it or not, and as God is my witness, this is a true story. About 18 years ago, (and this story is burned in my mind), I wanted so bad to go out with my brest friends sister, and she was hot, big rack, long legs and just beautiful. We flirted many times, and finally deceided to go out, and she wanted to go to the drive-in, and I was like "yes", and my first thought was to jump into her blouse. Well, we get to the drive in, we walked to the snack bar holding hands, bought our snacks and returned to the car. The movie started, and we started to get comfortable, when she said, "can I take off my shoes", and I was like "yes, go for it". Well then the nightmare began, (please I am not making this up), but her feet smelled like something died, and I still cannot figure out to this day, that she never even noticed it. But really it was so bad, I did not want to do "anything", but get air and out of that car, honestly it was that bad. I could not concentrate on anything, and the mood was out the window, really that bad. I convinced her to go out and sit on the bench and get some air and look at the stars. We went out of the car, and I could still not get that smell out of my nostrils and my mind. Well, I took her home and cleaned the dashboard (really) and we are still friends and she still does not know why, we never worked out. It might sound silly and stupid, but those feet will haunt me for the rest of my life, and I have only shared this stroy with a handful of people, (but I don't let anyone know who she was), and this story is a riot to many people. But that is the truth, and I don't know if there was a medical issue, or just dirty smelly sweaty feet, or what, but I will never forget that night. Thanks for letting me share. Please to the ladies out there, in no way and I trying to insult anyone, but this story is true...........


Anonymous said...

I thought this FOOTnote stunk!

Anonymous said...

Should've mailed her some Odor Eaters with no return address. =D
For real, I've met people who seemed to be able to turn off their noses, shut them right down, and ignore the fact their feet smell SO bad the house plants died and the dog ran away.

I worked in an apartment one day and there was a stench like a dead mouse lingering in the air. This wasn't a crappy place and the gals who lived there were upper class Jewish college girls. It was a pair of shoes in the hallway and the smell filled the whole place. ACK!