Monday, November 27, 2006

Is It Love That I'm Feeling? (Nope...Food Poisoning)

I have been single for about 6 years and, though I go out often, never have found someone that I wanted to spend more than an evening or two with.Well I met a nice woman that is a sister of one of my friends.We talked and decided to go out on a double date with my friend and his wife.We chose a pizza place to eat at and have a few beers.As we were waiting for our food we had some very good conversation and laughs which was really setting the mood for a great evening.When the food arrived we each ate our fill of pizza.We decided while eating that we would go to the mall and look around.As we were walking around my stomach started making some very strange noises like it was time for a REALLLLLLY needed bathroom break.I mentioned that I needed to go to the restroom and as luck would have it everyone else had to go too.Long story short we all had a mild case of food poisioning and each of us had a very hard time getting out of the mall and back to another bathroom without having a very bad accident.It ain't funny driving about 15 miles through town at 8:30 on a Saturday night with a bad stomach and not enough restrooms around.I don't think my date cared for the suggestion we should stop and use the woods in a small park next to the road.It wasn't very romantic hearing her in the only bathroom at a gas station groaning and making all kinds of foul sounds behind closed doors.While waiting for her to finish her business I had to go behind the gas station and she got mad at me for being disgusting.So much for our first date,never did get a second date.My friend told me that she couldn't face me after the way that night went


Anonymous said...

This date was really the shits.

Anonymous said...

Whew, ads a whole new slant of 'shitty dates.' If this charming gal was disgusted with you for having to crap behind the place while she was on the only toilet, you're better off without her.

Anonymous said...

Fuck her!!!