Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I met this man on a dating site, he and I e-mailed each other back and forth and talked on the phone for a month or so, and he finally asked me out. I agreed and he had asked me to go to A nice dinner at the Mandalay Bay in Oxnard, and walk along the beach, I agreed it sounded like fun. And very romantic.

Well. the morning of the date (friday) he called me and said he had gone to the mall and bought me a gift, (Okay now i felt guilty because something told me to flake on the date so now I felt obligated), so he tells me he is going to pick me up at 7pm, well he was late m "he got lost" no big deal it happens. He gets here, and I go out to his car, (now keep in mind he told me he drove a Jeep Cherokee 2006), he shows up in a brand new FORD TAURUS, okay I can get over that and the reason I know it was his because it had the registration in the window still. Okay now I am in the car and he has wore a suit and tie in the middle of the summer., I am thinking maybe I should of just flaked, but hey lets get this over with.

So we are talking and we get on the freeway, and he tells me that he could not get any reservation at the Mandalay Bay and that we are going to go somewhere else as a suprise. I do not like to be suprised by someone that I really don't know. Thank god for cell phones....
Okay so I am still trying to be nice and we are driving and talking, I finally ask where we are going, he says to a place in ventura, okay that narrowed it down for me, I ask again, and he says to a different hotel. Okay STOP wait a minute we were going to dinner. I am now texting my best friend to get me the hell out of here LOL, it is bad. I am trying to remember names of roads and streets LOL, So i ask where we are going to DINNER, and he says lets go to the hotel first and then we can go to dinner it is 8:30 I haven't ate all day and I am starving, so I tell him NO, I think dinner is good first so we finally agree to dinner, I should of went with my gut instinct.
So we get off the freeway and he pulls into DENNY'S for dinner, I thought to myself DENNY'S you gotta be kidding... DENNY'S I am now done, so I excuse myself from the table and go to the bathroom and call my friend and we did the sick phone call thing, she said that my son fell down her strairs and broke his arm and they were on their way to the ER. LOL, I started to "panic" on the phone and cry, lol, he totally bought it. He took me straight home to go see my son. Now remember at the very beggining of this whole story where he told me he bought me a "suprise" LOL, well he didn't buy anything he had stole a robe from some hotel in vegas and brought it to me.. Now that was the kicker of it all... LOL. I hope that this gets in at least the top 10 of bad dates....

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Anonymous said...

So you met a guy on a dating site and were completely screwed up by what he drove and where you ate. That seems pretty shallow on your part. Oh, that's right, you're from LA so this is life as usual! If he drove you in a new Jaguar to the Four Seasons, you'd have been in love, right?

The phony panic phone call with wailing and carrying on was pretty hokey, almost as sleazy as the stolen bathrobe from Vegas.