Saturday, August 26, 2006

Double Trouble

A guy who worked in the office next door asked me out for dinner and drinks after work. I met him outside the building after work, and, chatting merrily, hopped in his car. Halfway there, he tells me he has to pick someone else up too... we get there, and it's another chick.
We all had a laugh about it and decided to skip dinner and go straight to the club for drinks, where I met his sister (who was great fun). His "other friend" complained of a headache, so he said he was going to give her a lift home. I was abandoned! His sister (who had adopted me) said not to worry, I could get blind drunk with her and crash at her place... which happened to be next door to her brother (they had bought adjoining apartments in an apartment complex).
Anyway, we went back to her place and saw his car there, so we decided to pop in and call him a stopout for not coming back to the club. She had a key and we snuck in because the lights were off. We snuck up to his room and yelled "surprise" as we switched on the light.
WELL! There were two in the bed! They were on opposite sides of the bed with their backs to one another, both looking VERY dissatisfied.
His sister and I ran back out, laughing hysterically. We went back to the club and found a couple of likely lads to keep us warm for the night.
In the morning, I knocked on his door and asked him if he could give me a lift home... and he did... ha ha ha ha ha!

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