Monday, July 03, 2006


Editors note: It took SIX dates to dump this guy?
My friend went out with this guy who told her some sob story about going through a divorce and that he was wealthy (he claimed to be some real estate big shot). Well, it turns out this guy said he had a car, but that it was in the shop (she never saw the mystery car). She had to drive him around on every date and he also wore the same outfit on every date (keep in mind that this was 6 dates over a 1 month period) . Then on one of the dates he asked her to stop at the ATM (it was one of the drive ups) and he couldn't take out any money because the account had less than $20 in it.
So one day he asked her out to the movies. She picked him up for the date (as always). When they were at the ticket window, he paid in QUARTERS for the tickets! He also paid in QUARTERS for the dinner, she offered to pay and he got angry with her. He was snappish with her the rest of the date. Then at the end of the date, asked her inside his house (he lived in a house with another guy and only had a TV and a mattress on the floor in his room). He actually wanted her to make out with him on the floor mattress after behaving like a jerk during the date. Thank God she declined and went home. She told me about the date the next day (she was so depressed). I made her see the humor in it (I told her that it was probably his laundry money - I mean the guy wore the SAME OUTFIT on every date) and it is now one of our favorite inside jokes (quarter man / rerun guy). LOL

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